Introversion is the behavior of common public. Individuals refrain from presenting their point of view to a wider group for fear of negation and rejection. In each of the coteries individuals are forming, one can track a definitive pattern of varied level of acceptance for individual member in their common discourses. Eloquent person dons the commander in each of these groups where many of its members will be suppressed to be mere listeners most of the time. Destiny of these listeners rarely changes inside the group even on passage of a longer period of time. The skill of communication, which can be improved through regular practice and rational responses towards the confronting stimulus will be kept idle in these individuals, who, rarely muster their confidence to present their thoughts even to their immediate friends. No one takes their slot to have a say even in normal conversations. Here at the language lab we have made elaborate arrangements for making those slots available for every student so as to make them respond effectively to the real life equivalent situations and get themselves corrected on committing mistakes. The student can choose to conceal his identity during this endeavor for avoiding any kind of stigmatization. The situation can be as varied as performing a sober task for collecting an appreciative target or having a chat with a companion at a coffee shop. The teacher who assigns the task to students can monitor their activities through a master console and intervene in their discussions and correct committed faults sometimes without knowing the person who is being corrected. Students thus can engage in conversations, they can assert their opinion among their colleagues and step after step develop their ability to present an opinion in front of a sizable audience. Sri. Roshy Augustine Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly inaugurated the functioning of the Lab on 11TH February 2012. At present the lab can accommodate a maximum of ten students and the software enables assigning lessons in Batches/Classes/Sessions/Students based on their requirements. Future Plans: College wishes to take up a venture of training students belonging to SC/ST category by offering them personality and soft skill development program.

Sri Roshy Agustine, MLA, inaugurating the Language Lab

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