In this era the Information Technology (IT) is our way of life and one cannot imagine life without IT in today’s world. Today the internet and cell phones have not only become an integral part of our very culture but also play an important role in our day to day activities. The B.Tech Information Technology Engineering program includes computer operations on different languages, platforms, data generation, networking, collection and utilization of information. The course imparts all the basics as well as latest knowledge pertaining to the rapidly developing field of computers. The course is designed to keep students in pace with the practical field. The main backbone of the course is educating knowledge of computer, it’s engineering which impart theory, principles, practice and know-importance of computing in the information age. This is required for the critical analysis, design, evolution and improvement of computing system in context of computers and industry services. It is our objective that student should be able to pursue advanced studies in computer engineering and information technology on a competitive universal basis. The effective use of IT is a major component of economic growth and innovation in other areas of society and the economy. IT is continuously evolving, discovering new horizons of opportunities everyday. IT professionals perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases, data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design as well as the management and administration of entire systems.

Career Prospects in IT

Programming · Web Developer · Software Developer · Computer Programmer · Java Developer · PHP Developer · Ruby/Rails Developer · Mobile Applications Developer · Web Applications Developer

Networking & Security · Network Engineer · Network System Administrator · Network Security Administrator · Network Security Specialist · Computer Security Specialist · Information Security Analyst · Wireless Network Manager

Computer Engineering · Computer Hardware Engineer · Computer Software Engineer · Computer Systems Software Engineer · Computer Applications Software Engineer

Multimedia Design · Web Designer · Graphic Designer · Computer Animator · AutoCAD Drafter

Database Administration · SQL Developer · Database Administrator · Database Developer · Database Designer · Database Security Administrator

Information Systems · System Analyst · System Architect · Enterprise Architect · Information Systems Analyst · Applications Analyst

IT Management · Project Manager · IT Manager · Information Systems Manager · Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

IT Support · Network Technician · Computer Repair Technician · Technical Support Specialist · Help Desk Technician · IT Specialist

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